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Concierge Pediatrics

Dr. Openshaw's true passion as a pediatrician has always been to provide the highest level of care with highly personalized attention for every child and family that she cares for.  With changes in healthcare, it has become increasingly common for a pediatrician to see 25-30 patients a day, with appointments less than 15 mins each.  By creating a concierge platform, Dr. Openshaw will have the time to give every child and family the kind of quality attention and medical care that she believes every child deserves.  Her new practice style will allow her to focus individually on your child, get to know your family, answer any questions you may have, and help you to become the very best parent you can be for your child.  She is passionate about helping every parent feel good about taking the best possible care of their child.  She looks forward to partnering with you to help you raise a healthy, well developed, happy child and feel confident about parenting!  


By creating a concierge platform, Dr. Openshaw will be dramatically reducing the number of patients she sees in order to focus more personally on your child.  She will provide quality pediatric care 24 hours a day 7 days a week- doing medicine the “old fashioned way” like she has always enjoyed.  While the average pediatrician has around 2000-3000 patients, Dr. Openshaw will only be seeing a total of 100-150 patients.  In-office appointments will be thoughtfully scheduled to almost eliminate overlap between patients.  No more waiting for someone to call you back, sitting for long periods of time in a waiting room with multiple sick children, or seeing a different doctor every time you come in.  The staff will personally know you and your family and be available to you as you need. 


At Newport Pediatric Premier Care you will always have the support for your family and someone you can trust on your side 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Dr. Openshaw will give you the care your child needs, when you need it, and will give you the peace of mind knowing you aren’t alone to handle any medical issue for your child.  We are here to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive, and personalized care because there’s nothing more precious than the child we care for!

Dr. Lori Openshaw - Concierge Pediatrician in Newport Beach, CA. Care for newborns, same day visits.

Same Day visits 

Reserved appointment slots in order to allow same-day or next day appointments when your child needs expedited evaluation. Dr Openshaw wants to keep you and your child out of the Urgent Care setting.  She wants to be available to help your child when they need help and be aware of all your child's medical issues. 

Direct access to your pediatrician in Newport Beach for quality care

Direct access to Dr Openshaw and her team 

As a concierge member, you will have direct access to Dr. Openshaw and her team 24 hours 7 days a week through a dedicated phone and text line. 

Dr. Openshaw and her team will be providing personalized scheduling, care plans, and treatments. 

Pediatrician with long visits and no rush for the best pediatric care

Prolonged unrushed visits

Thoughtfully scheduled, prolonged visits prevent wait times, ensure your child's health is thoroughly assessed, and gives Dr. Openshaw ample time to address all concerns or questions you have.

Pediatrician in Newport Beach with connections to top medical specialists in Orange County, CA

Specialist Referral Coordination 

As a pediatrician in the Newport Beach area for 25 years, Dr. Openshaw has established amazing relationship with top specialists in Orange County. When needed for your child, she will personally reach out on your behalf to the most respected and well-known specialists in the Orange County area to quickly provide the highest level of speciality care.

Pediatrician with in-home visits in Newport Beach

In-home Visits

In-home visit will be available, when appropriate, to check in on your newborn a few days after birth or as needed for other types of visits for your child. 

Pediatrician offering telehealth appointments

Telehealth appointments

Virtual medical appointments will be available when appropriate with Dr. Openshaw from wherever you are - in your home or traveling. Know that wherever you may be, our families can rely on quality care from their own pediatrician who knows their child and their medical history best.

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