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Miralax® is a commonly used laxative. It is very effective and is available over-the- counter. It is the most recommended laxative by pediatric gastroenterologists. Although the label says to only use in adults and only for 2 weeks, this medicine is felt to be safely used for months to years and can be used in toddlers too. Dosing: 1-1.5 gm/kg/day for the first 3 days

Your child’s dose for the first three days is: 
Less than 7kg (<15lb) = 1 tsp
7-10kg (15-22lb) = 2 tsp
More than 10kg (>22lb)= 3½ tsp or 1 capful

After the first three days the dose decreases to 0.4-0.8gm/kg/day.
Your child’s dose for day 4 and routinely is:  Less than 7kg (<15lb) = ½ tsp
7-10kg (15-22lb) = 1 tsp
11-15kg (22-33lb) = 1 ½ tsp
16-20kg (33-44lb) = 2 ½ tsp
21-25kg (44-55lb) = 3 tsp
More than 25kg (>55lb)=3½ tsp or 1 capful

Because this medication is so safe and dosing is only a general guideline feel free to increase your child’s dose or give more often (2-3 times daily). 

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